Why Insight

The data shows that  PII and OPII workshops are a hit with team members and leaders alike. 

One of the most insightful tools I have ever seen.

Understanding the colors methodology and using it in my day to day work has made me a better leader.

Colors impacts how I think about teams all the time. It’s hard to deliver for the customer if you don’t have all four colors.

Self-awareness is one of the most important tools a salesperson can have.  This is key to selling both internally and externally.

Our team has had some issues “reading” each other lately, this helps us get past this issue and focus on doing business together!

What I love about colors is that there are so many layers and levels to it. Over time, you understand more of the subtleties.

This is my fifth time through this in ten years and again it’s a great learning experience!

From Steve Bennett, former CEO, Intuit: David Belle-Isle is simply the best organizational excellence leader I've ever worked with. When combined with his business acumen and customer experiences, he is a great partner.

I constantly use colors as a diagnostic tool. It gives me a way to get to the  root cause of a pattern on my team and guides me to appropriate action, either changing my style or coaching others to change theirs.

Definitely the best and most useful personality/behavioral study I’ve participated in thus far. 

In a given week, I refer to colors ten times or more!

I’ve been with GE for over 20 years and this is the best course I’ve been through.

Easy to understand and put into action.

An eye opener. Great tool for team building, understanding team dynamics and enhancing team performance.

Great feedback on myself and ways to interact with others.