David R. Belle-Isle, Ph.D.
Founder of InColor Insight, David has spent more than 30 years working with major corporations to build cultures that are aligned with business vision and strategic direction, helping leaders deepen their awareness of themselves, their teams and their customers. A Senior Vice President with Intuit Corporation, David spent more than seven years demonstrating how engaged employees create improved customer experiences, thus increasing customer loyalty and shareholder value. Prior to launching Incolor Insight, David served as chief human resource officer for EPIC Healthcare Group, where he spearheaded the development of a unique employee-owner culture. David is an active member in the Net Promoter Forum, has been published in health care and business trade publications and recognized by “Who’s Who in the World.” He holds a doctorate from the University of Northern Colorado and did post doctoral work at MIT in large systems change and system dynamics.

Linda Belle-Isle
President of InColor Insight, Linda is a master trainer, PII interpreter, and coach to PII’s facilitators. Overseeing the administration of the PII and OPII behavioral inventories and conducting the majority of InColor Insight’s PII Workshops, she is a sought-after facilitator who has coached and certified numerous world-class leaders and trainers on how to apply the InColor Insight approaches. Prior to joining the firm in 1995, Linda held numerous executive-level operations positions, overseeing finance, sales, and service, mostly in the healthcare industry.

Lynn Dewey
InColor Insight’s Director of Operations, Lynn is also a PII facilitator and certified Covey trainer. She has integrated InColor Insight’s programs with other frameworks, from Covey’s Seven Habits to The Five Dysfunctions of Teams and Strengthfinders.