InColor Insight uses two primary instruments to provide you the insight you need to lead more effectively.

The Personal Insight Inventory(PII) uses a short word-association survey to provide a profile of an individual’s behavioral preferences, energy drivers, and expectations for interpersonal interaction – using color to depict orientations toward action, people, ideas and structure.

The Organizational Practices Insight Inventory (OPII) takes an organization-level view, giving respondents a chance to share their perceptions of the organization’s work practices, including how people behave, expectations of members, and what is valued and rewarded.

The results are two highly customized, color-based profiles that foster personal growth and powerful team conversations. Unlike traditional personality type indicators, PII and OPII are strength-based, geared toward the business environment, and sophisticated enough to reflect the complexity of individuals and teams.

They represent one of the easiest and most effective ways a leader can fully engage his or her team while simultaneously developing individual self-management skills.