The real magic of PII and OPII lies in the team interactions they generate.

InColor Insight’s PII Workshop guides participants through interpreting their PII profiles and applying that awareness to team interactions. This highly interactive session gets people up and moving around, learning first-hand the value of different “colors” or orientations.

The OPII Workshop is a more highly customized activity which usually involves ½ – 2 days. We co-design the session with you to suit your organization’s particular culture, history and strategy.

We are pleased to co-design our workshops with you to suit your team and leadership priorities. It is easily adapted to your goals:

  • Extend either workshop with JourneyLines
  • Customize the content
  • Combine the PII and OPII Workshops
  • Work with your team on-site or at a venue of your choice
We are also pleased to offer individual consulting to aid you in applying PII/OPII to create the most value for your organization.