The Personal Insight Inventory (PII) helps you gain insight into your personal profile.

PII is a research-based, on-line survey that provides a customized color-based report explaining your unique profile, including:

  • Behavior Preferences – Your focus and style when you feel most confident.
  • Expectations – Your deep assumptions about how you and others “should” act.
  • Needs/Energy – What you need on a “gut level” to sustain and restore your energy and self confidence.

Knowing your profile, you can adjust your behavior to be more effective as a leader – taking charge of your own behavior and “dialing up” or “dialing down” your style based on your goals and the situation.

Taken as a group, PII quickly surfaces your team’s collective strengths,providing a common language to improve communication, build connections and and engage in conflict resolution. It is an ideal way to develop and align a new team or overcome team dysfunctions.