InColor Insight is proud to have worked with leaders at leading edge firms in a variety of industries.

Past participants:

Sample Results:

A VP of Sales is able to turn around his team’s lagging performance in just 3 months, using a PII workshop to uncover how his behavior preferences are affecting his team.

“Colors” (PII and OPII) was one of several tools that enabled a leadership team to develop the next “growth engine” product line for their company.

Using PII and OPII in a global corporate function created the foundational skills for a true virtual team.

An HR team was able to correct a serious misunderstanding, where team members who had more “green” than average felt their contributions were not valued. During the PII workshop, these team members learned how crucial their contributions were to the team’s goals, and how to better present their work in a way that worked for those with other color orientations.